Bosch Dishwasher Not Starting? Here Are 5 Potential Reasons Why

Check out our list of the top reasons that your Bosch dishwasher may fail to start up when you select a cycle.

When it comes to picking out the best brands of dishwashers for the average household – there’s no doubt that Bosch is one of the best options you’ve got.

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However, despite the fact that it’s a fantastic brand, Bosch dishwashers are still prone to malfunctions and failures, like any other appliance out there.

The most common of these failures is an issue where the dishwasher just won’t start.

And while it’s common – diagnosing this issue from home can be a totally frustrating experience. That’s why in today’s post, we’re going to share 5 of the most common culprit problems that are causing your Bosch dishwasher to not start.

Bosch dishwasher not starting? Check out our list of the most common culprits causing this issue.
Bosch dishwasher not starting? Check out our list of the most common culprits causing this issue.

5 Likely Causes Of A Bosch Dishwasher That Won’t Start

1. No Power

When something won’t power on, whether it’s a computer, a TV, phone, or even your dishwasher – the first thing you should always do is to make sure it’s got enough power.

Make sure that your dishwasher is plugged directly into the outlet, and not into an extension cord or surge protector/filter of any sort.

Once this is done, check that the power switch is on and if you had flipped the breaker, reset it before powering your appliance back on.


2. The Dishwasher’s Door Isn’t Fully Closed

Modern dishwashers are pretty darn smart. That’s why in order to prevent leaks and damage – they can detect if your door is fully closed before a cycle starts. And as you may have guessed, if it’s not, the cycle won’t start.

However, if the door is as closed as it could possibly be, and the dishwasher won’t start, most likely you’re dealing with a broken door latch.


3. Child Lock & Improper Setting Configuration

In some cases, having the wrong settings in place can actually prevent your Bosch dishwasher from starting.

You should check the owner’s manual to verify that the child lock function isn’t being engaged. In addition to this, pay attention to any error codes that pop up on the control panel.

Don’t forget to reference this list of the most common Bosch dishwasher error codes and what they mean.


4. Not Enough Water

How would you wash dishes without water? If the dishwasher can’t fill properly, it won’t start the cycle.

Generally, this is an issue with the way the unit is hooked up to your house’s water line.

You should take a look at the hose to make sure it’s not blocked off of constricted anywhere. If the hose seems fine, check the valve of your water line.

Lastly, you should also test the dishwasher’s inlet valve, which allows water to get into your unit. If it’s broken, water won’t be able to get in, and it will need to be replaced before your dishwasher starts running properly again.


5. Broken Major Parts

While the last 4 options don’t seem all too fun on their own, there are three more common culprits that could be causing your Bosch dishwasher to not start.

  • Broken thermal fuse – if this part is blown, the system won’t deliver any power to the dishwasher in order to prevent the unit from overheating.
  • Broken timer – this bit controls how power is distributed throughout the unit in order to perform sequential functions. If it’s broken, your unit may just not be delivered the power it needs to run any of its functions.
  • Broken control board – this is the most serious (and expensive) of the culprits as the mainboard is effectively the controller for your entire unit. It distributes power across various other components and controls when and how functions run across the appliance.


Closing Thoughts

While your Bosch dishwasher not starting may seem like a scary thing to have happen – as we’ve shown you in today’s post – there’s a handful of common culprits, many of which are easily solvable.

If you need a helping hand with diagnosing and repairing a broken Bosch dishwasher in Richmond, BC – give Top Appliance Repair Richmond a call and we’ll help you get your dishwasher fixed quickly, professionally, and at a totally affordable cost.

Jamie Lin

Jamie Lin

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